Calendar for DropTools
Version 1.0.1

The ibCalendar control mimics the behavior of the iCal calendar from OS X Snow Leopard. It is a control that allows the user to select a date. When a date is selected, a message is sent to inform what date was selected and from which ibCalendar control it came from. The control itself is quite simple:

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The current day is shown as a depressed date and the selected day is shown in blue. Moving from month to month is done by clicking on the arrows. If the year needs to be changed, the control can be sent a message specifying what date to show. If the window in which the ibCalendar control is loses focus the ibCalendar will change color to indicate it is no longer active:

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When you drag a new ibCalendar to your stack, DropTools will ask permission to install the ibCalendar library and asks where it should be stored. To use the stack you should insert the
start using command to your preOpenStack handler. DropTools can do this for you.

The control can be resized horizontally from 180 pixels to 260 pixels. Vertical resizing is not permitted.

The library stack containing the calendar logic is password protected.

This stack has been tested on Mac OS X, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. If you find bugs or verify that it works in other operating systems please let me know.

You can set the date of the ibCalendar programmatically by sending a message to the group 'ibCalendar’. The available messages are:
  • ibCalendarSetDate dateToSet, selectDay (true/false): dateToSet should be a date in the format “mm/dd/yy”, selectDay determines if the passed day is selected automatically, if it is false, the passed date is not selected but the calendar will show the month and year passed to it
The control will dispatch a message that can be intercepted by adding the following handler:
on ibCalendarDateChanged tControl, tSelectedDate
answer tControl & ": " &tSelectedDate
end ibCalendarDateChanged

The date will be in this format: yyyy/mm/dd

Version History

Release Date
What's Changed
First public release
Fixed a minor bug, set the destroyStack property of libibCalendar to true.
Tested this version and confirmed it works under Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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